VMU utilities

On this page you will find a couple utilities related to the Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit. Please select an option:

Only for Dreamcast

VMU Uploader - Upload a Dreamcast save state and share it with the world.
This works with almost all of the popular Dreamcast Browsers

VMU Downloads - Shows all the available uploads that the users have done using the VMU Uploader

Only for PC

PNG to VMU Icon Converter - Converts a PNG image into C code to use in homebrews

PNG to VMU LCD Converter - Similar, but in this case it shows C code to use in the VMU LCD screen

Dreamcast and PC (33k / 56k Warning!)

VMU PSO ScreenShots Gallery - See all the available screenshots right now in your browser

VMU JSR/JGR Graffiti Gallery - See all the available graffitis right now in your browser

Complete list of all the available UserAgents of Dreamcast Browsers (Docs)

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