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Enjoy with various screenshots of Phantasy Star Online taken with the power of the Dreamcast!
Next to the photo, there is a list of the players on it, and when the photo was created in this server.

About PSO Screenshots

Text fragments taken from Kolibry's page

Playing Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast is nice, but did you know that you can take Screenshots with your Dreamcast?!

To do so there's nothing difficult, you just need a second paddle connected in slot 4 and a second VMU connected in slot 2 of the second paddle. The VMU must be totaly empty, the file PSO_____IMG that will be created is 195 blocks big. Then during the game, do this tricks on the second paddle:

X + Start = center screen
A + Start = large screen

You should see a black screen with a countdown in the top left corner, if so it means the screenshot has been saved to your VMU successfully.

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July 20 2020 09:27:58
| Magix | Jaxxer | Patrick |

July 20 2020 09:27:58

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