Jet Set Radio / Jet Grind Radio Graffiti

Enjoy with the graffitis generated from the Sega Dreamcast videogame Jet Set Radio / Jet Grind Radio!.

Download images from the Web to JSR/JGR

Text fragments taken from Kaji-kun's Jet Set Radio (Jet Grind Radio) page

While on the web trough your Dreamcast and through the Jet Grind/Set Radio site find an image (JPEG only!) and press A and X and it will save to your VMU. Make sure that the images are not to big, they will take alot of room. Anywhere from 20 blocks to 120 or more blocks. Fortunately, you can save them all to different memory cards, and load them from each one.

Once Graffiti is saved, go back to the game and hit load/new game. Once in the Garage, go to Graffiti and select Select from List. It will load any graffiti from the first memory card. Choose Small/Medium/Large and set Graffiti. Load it, and use L/R to erase the outline colours as much as you want, then , when done. Load another! If you have them saved on another card, you can pop the memory card right out and put another one with more Graffiti in it! Once you have your graffiti set up, go on with the game!

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